I got a call from my fellow friend, stylist Anne Au. She asked if I could help her style...yet again, adding to the hectic schedule of mine---but it's the best way to live---BUSY. Sometimes. We got together some sick outfits, featuring CLOTH Vintage, swimsuits by Dawn, and accessories provided by IslandSnow and So Good Jewelry.

Here's a sneak peek of what will go down in the next issue for Innov8 Magazine:

Also, in other news, the Ground Up Pirates gathered for the annual photoshoot to meet and greet peeps, chat it up, and ham it up like no other. Here's another sneakage for y'all...

I wish I could end by saying the hectic-ness is over, but this is only the BEGINNING. TBC

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  1. Soooo awesome, that shoot looks amazing. Are you gonna be at Rock Shop on Monday? I am so sad, I will be gone!

    You are doing amazing things!