Signature Women's Line, In the Works

New Project. A new addition to the works of MB. "BYe BYe, MB. Hello BillieYoung!" STAY TUNED.


under renovation.

visions on hold.

life on standby.



Apartm3nt Shoot

Make Up Artist Christa Wong models the MB Charlie Gown. photo by Brandon Ching
**click to enlarge.


time for an update, ya think?


not much been going on. or rather a lot has been going on just haven't been able to grasp it all at once.

still brainstorming new collection for Billie Young (yes, new BRAND from MB [strictly women]) i'll have description and concept of new line, etc. soon, HOPEFULLY.

just been working A LOT. Got new stuff coming in left and right, and i'm quite pleased with the new steeze Club Monaco got going on; and we get new free stuff too! including a scarf...STOOOKEDDDD

coming up:

OCTOBER: hopefully interview/work for FX Productions. Haunted Plantation!!! I'll be helping out there too with my ground up fam!!!! Oct 16/17, 22/23, and 30/31!!! MB Costume, Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde...you like? HOPE SO!!!!!!!

NOVEMBER: JAPPPPAAAAAAAAAAAAAN for GROUND UP ART TOUR!!!! SHOULD BE GREAT....hopefully. I need money. And a passport...STILL!!!

but yeah i'll post stuff soon; haven't been working on new stuff but i've finalized two new looks that will wrap up what the new collection will be ALL ABOUT.

also new "mark downs" on mb stuff on my myspace: myspace.com/mb_inc. buy it all. i'm tired of seeing it. so i can make MORE stuff...