Raw Evolution | Style Series shot by Harold Julian

Red Rose Gown by Kate Henry

Fur and shorts by Matt Bruening

Furs and Harems by Matt Bruening

Origami Denim dress by Alysia Himoto

Fur and Harems by Matt Bruening

Photographer/Editor: Harold Julian
Models: Erica (GroundUp Agency); Mahina (Niche Models)
Make Up Artists: Maile Meno (GroundUP Agency) / Holly Stephens (Reve Salon)
Location: Manifest Bar & Cafe (N. Hotel St., Honolulu)
more photos: www.haroldjulianphotos.com

fresh FRESH fresh!!!

So Friday was the BEST night of 2009...hands down. THE SUPER CW PARTY AT FRESH CAFE. (Yes, if you follow me on twitter and friends with me on FB, then YES i'm repeating myself.) Started off with a definite, and MUCH needed bang, `cause CW knows how to throw a DAMN party and to start things off, the Deadbeats KILLED it on stage with a great, and never-gets-old, performance. After a brief interlude of mad beats, and fresh tunes of DJ Eskae, he threw in a great intro by Sam Sharpo that started off the Fashion Show, ending with "The Reeling" by Passion Pit. Whether you were actually there or not, here's some footage to relive or catch up with:

Mahina in T-Back Kimono Dress.
Justine in Racer Back Tank & High Waisted Paper Bag waist skirt.

Rain in Paper Back waist shorts with lumberjack peek-a-boo pockets; Sueded Knit slouchy top, and reversable fur frontier hat.

Krista in a familiar piece, the Romper.

Kiani in the apparently favored piece of the night: The Metallic Gold Paper Bag waist skirt.

Rain in yet another familiar piece; the black and white poncho.

Mahina in faux fur pelt, slouchy tank, textured harems; Erica in cropped motor, fingerless gloves, and velour harems.

Erica (here, the harems.)
**And all models also sported Jewelry designed and handmade by Trunnk Jewelry designer, Katlin Taosaka. She also took these Photos.
The latter continued with sick performances by the JumpOffs and the Girlfriends, and continuing on with DJ Eskae and DJ Nicky Savage to spin the rest of the night away....
There is more footage to be added. Check back as I will be updating as much as I can....
Video footage, by Nadine Kam of the Honolulu Star Bulletin (I should be doing a style spread with her SOON.)


Fashion Show | December 18 | FRESH Cafe Warehouse

Add ImageDifferent from the BillieYoung stuff, Matt Bruening things are a little more...complex. Inspired by rock curvetures; that thin median between hard and soft where a structural pieces like rock can still have a gentle appearance. Basically driving pass Makapu'u / Cockroach Cove area with all the rocks and swirly walls alongside the roads, and all the concave formations really caught my eye just driving thru the other week and thought that would be a good interpretation of what I feel right now. Weaves/CrossHatching signature MB steeze is making that comeback.

I couldn't decide what "season" to design for, so basically I'm bring that "you have to live in Hawaii to know" that kind of steeze into this. So I am basically trying to design for that season between fall AND spring. (aka Hawaii year long summer; but with pieces for those occassional cold nights.)

All this and more happening December 18th, at the Fresh Cafe Warehouse. Performances by The JumpOffs, The Deadbeats, and The Girlfriends will rock the house. And DJ Eskae (of Nocturnal Sound Crew) and DJ Nicky Savage of LA will be spinning the night away. And EVERYONE is invited. And when I say everyone, I mean your little sister and your Grandma Annie can come on DOWN! (Party brought to you by SuperCW, Ground Up Pirates, Ground Up Agency, and Fresh Cafe [located: 831 Queens St.])

In other news:My garments and new stuff will be available for purchase in the new Acid Dolls store, located at the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center. Cindy King, designer of Acid Dolls, also approached me about an exclusive Acid Dolls by Matt Bruening line, where one-of-a-kind pieces will be sold exclusively at her store ONLY. Excited? More like FxCKIN stoked! The Grand Opening party for the new Acid Dolls store happens December 11. PARTY TIME.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? email me: mattbruening@gmail.com x facebook.com/matt.bruening



Billie Young S/S '10 inspiration board

ctrl + click above image.

so i think i'm narrowing it down to simplicity -- overall.
i feel like investing in great, quality pieces is what it's all about.
theme: urban bliss | peaceful, edgy downtown flare. ; simple instincts: basic silhouettes with modern cuts and colors (prints...?) an everyday wardrobe that doesn't look too everyday....

minimalist attempts. tame-exaggerated silhouettes. SIMPLE.
colors -- transitional friendly (magenta, teal, champagne/gold, black, grey, oatmeal, white)
inspired to the fullest. new new new coming soon soon soon.

i got a secret to reveal too. no i'm not pregnant. that wouldn't be cool....AT ALL.
fashion secrets. to say the least....that's it i'm shutting my mouth. more news on the waaaaaay.




a la neutralls.

slight billie young flavor for december.

post holiday / spring tide carols. you know. you'll see.

keepyaheadbackwithyaeyesopen. the stars will align december 18th.


Signature Women's Line, In the Works

New Project. A new addition to the works of MB. "BYe BYe, MB. Hello BillieYoung!" STAY TUNED.


under renovation.

visions on hold.

life on standby.



Apartm3nt Shoot

Make Up Artist Christa Wong models the MB Charlie Gown. photo by Brandon Ching
**click to enlarge.


time for an update, ya think?


not much been going on. or rather a lot has been going on just haven't been able to grasp it all at once.

still brainstorming new collection for Billie Young (yes, new BRAND from MB [strictly women]) i'll have description and concept of new line, etc. soon, HOPEFULLY.

just been working A LOT. Got new stuff coming in left and right, and i'm quite pleased with the new steeze Club Monaco got going on; and we get new free stuff too! including a scarf...STOOOKEDDDD

coming up:

OCTOBER: hopefully interview/work for FX Productions. Haunted Plantation!!! I'll be helping out there too with my ground up fam!!!! Oct 16/17, 22/23, and 30/31!!! MB Costume, Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde...you like? HOPE SO!!!!!!!

NOVEMBER: JAPPPPAAAAAAAAAAAAAN for GROUND UP ART TOUR!!!! SHOULD BE GREAT....hopefully. I need money. And a passport...STILL!!!

but yeah i'll post stuff soon; haven't been working on new stuff but i've finalized two new looks that will wrap up what the new collection will be ALL ABOUT.

also new "mark downs" on mb stuff on my myspace: myspace.com/mb_inc. buy it all. i'm tired of seeing it. so i can make MORE stuff...



Les Artiste | Vintage Editorial

models - momoko metzker (kathu muller) + bianca bennett
hair/makeup - maile meno
photos / styling : matt bruening


What Wood You Do?

Photo: Brooke Dombroski (brooklynhawaii.com)
Model: Mahina Boersma (KathyMullerAgency)
Hair/Make Up: Holly Stephens
Sequin RacerBack Tunic: Virginia Paresa
Lumberjack Jumper: MB (MattBruening)


A Series of Fortunate Events.

I've been truly blessed to know a lot of great, talented, beautiful, generous, and of course, CONNECTED friends. A million phone calls, ok not a million, but more than usual, led me to appreciate time, patience, and friendships.

I got a call from former classmate, Dana, about joining their team as a production/photo/stylist assistant for their photoshoots, shot around the nation. They've published work in Vogue, and did a lot of print ads for Apple, and other corporate clientele. I must say, if I am able to join this team, things are going be great.

SO aside from all that here's what the week was like, and how its gonna be (photo updates later):

Thursday 9/10/09 -- Escada Party with Hawaii RED; Acid Dolls Fashion Show/After Party at Pearl Lounge

Lehua (Fashion Director HRMag), Me, Colin, Kelsey, Elyse, Ryan of Ulupono, and Noa (Ground Up)Me, Nicole & Noa

Friday 9/11/09 -- WOW already 8 years ago from 9/11....damn. Women's Expo with Hawaii RED and HIFI.

Saturday 9/12/09 -- Dinner with some COOL friends!! Grouch and Eligh Concert at Next Door! LAZRTAG (LA DJs) at LOFT!!

Sunday 9/13/09 -- Women's Expo with Hawaii RED (Fashion show by HIFI designers); JOHN LEGEND CONCERT!!!!

Monday 9/14/09 -- Photoshoot with the beautiful Mahina, and the talented Brooke! (New items....YES!)

Wednesday 9/16/09 -- Interview with FX Production (the Vogue peeps I was talking about!)

Thursday 9/17/09 -- 90s Party at the Ground Up Mothership!

Friday 9/18/09 -- Pecha Kucha Presentation!

BUSY. BUSY. BUSY. Thought it would never be like this. I guess better to be busy, than to NOT be busy at ALL?

TRUCE. Stay Tuned. photos soon...


Don't White Any Longer...

I had the privilege of shooting with BROOKE DOMBROSKI and met some cool peeps, too. SHOUT OUTS TO PETER KING! ALANA KYSAR! NIKKI HULME (model)!....great results...more photos SOON.

Nikki is wearing the Flinstones Poncho, on sale for $60. purchase on myspace.com/mb_inc


Urban Blliss | Style Shoot

model: Sarah Burke
photographer: Mary Carlton
Wardrobe & Stylist: Matt Bruening