A Series of Fortunate Events.

I've been truly blessed to know a lot of great, talented, beautiful, generous, and of course, CONNECTED friends. A million phone calls, ok not a million, but more than usual, led me to appreciate time, patience, and friendships.

I got a call from former classmate, Dana, about joining their team as a production/photo/stylist assistant for their photoshoots, shot around the nation. They've published work in Vogue, and did a lot of print ads for Apple, and other corporate clientele. I must say, if I am able to join this team, things are going be great.

SO aside from all that here's what the week was like, and how its gonna be (photo updates later):

Thursday 9/10/09 -- Escada Party with Hawaii RED; Acid Dolls Fashion Show/After Party at Pearl Lounge

Lehua (Fashion Director HRMag), Me, Colin, Kelsey, Elyse, Ryan of Ulupono, and Noa (Ground Up)Me, Nicole & Noa

Friday 9/11/09 -- WOW already 8 years ago from 9/11....damn. Women's Expo with Hawaii RED and HIFI.

Saturday 9/12/09 -- Dinner with some COOL friends!! Grouch and Eligh Concert at Next Door! LAZRTAG (LA DJs) at LOFT!!

Sunday 9/13/09 -- Women's Expo with Hawaii RED (Fashion show by HIFI designers); JOHN LEGEND CONCERT!!!!

Monday 9/14/09 -- Photoshoot with the beautiful Mahina, and the talented Brooke! (New items....YES!)

Wednesday 9/16/09 -- Interview with FX Production (the Vogue peeps I was talking about!)

Thursday 9/17/09 -- 90s Party at the Ground Up Mothership!

Friday 9/18/09 -- Pecha Kucha Presentation!

BUSY. BUSY. BUSY. Thought it would never be like this. I guess better to be busy, than to NOT be busy at ALL?

TRUCE. Stay Tuned. photos soon...


  1. Im so proud of you, you gonna be even more amazing than you are!

  2. that photoshoot with Mahina and Brooke should be insane!! kudos

  3. Matt, that is so friggen awesome!!! Best of luck and can't wait to see what else is in store for you!