After my summer shoot, i've been taking it easy with new designs. That is, until great friends of mine wanted to collaborate on a shoot. I couldn't refuse. Talented photographer, model, make up artist, and great assistant -- who could resist? And this is only the beginning of the week of madness...

Monday -- Photoshoot Photog: Willy Brandlund / Model: Mahina Ho Boersma / Make Up Artist: Holly Stephens / Wardrobe: Matt Bruening / Assistants: Mary & Candace

Wednesday & Thursday -- Photoshoot for innova8 magazine. My friend Anne (ah-nay) of Rock Shop asked to help style both a day and night shoot. We've teamed up a few times for fashion shows so it's time we team up and get it all on print. STOKED to the max about that...

Friday -- Photoshoot GroundUP Pirates [Artists, Models, Photographers, Designers, Make Up Artists, etc.] EPICNESS.

Updates and more coming soon. Stay TUNED.


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